Caipirinha with different flavours


Nowadays there are many derivations of caipirinha in which other spirits substitute for cachaça. When you order a Caipirinha in Brazil, they will ask the most well known substitutes for cachaça.

Caipivodka (or Caipiroska) vodka substitutes for cachaça.

-Caipiríssima is a caipirinha made with rum instead of cachaça.

-Sakeirinha or Caipisakê is a version made with sake.

-Caipinheger is another variation made using Steinhäger.

-CaipirItaly is a variation from Italy. It’s made using Campari instead of cachaça (not so common in Brazil).

This is very funny because people think in Brazil we drink just Caipirinha with cachaça, but is more common here in Brazil people choose with vodka or sake, not so strong. There is some cachaças export type in US, not so strong that we find in Brazil.

Caipifruta is a very popular caipirinha drink in Brazil, is a variation made with cachaça and other fruits instead of lime, typically found in tourist areas but now we have it all over the country.

Consisting of cachaça, crushed fresh fruits (either singly or in combination), and crushed ice.The term caipirinha is sometimes used to describe any spirit-and-fresh-fruit-juice drink.

The most popular fresh fruits used to create caipifrutas are pineapple, passionfruit, tangerine, lemon, kiwi fruit, strawberry, blackberry, grapes, mango, persian lime, cajá, and caju (cashew fruit).

Caipisake (made with sake instead of cachaça) is also becoming increasingly popular, most commonly made with strawberries or kiwi.

Few years ago they start to mix fruits, I really like it, grape and pineapple, red fruits, tangerine with red pepper, there is a infinity of options, so you can always drink and never get bored.

In the summer 2011 they found something else to change our Caipirinha flavors again. They put one Popsicle inside the Caipifruita and this start a success all over Brazil. Is also a fancy drink to serve in the summer.

5 strawberries
50ml vodka
1 tangerine or lime Popsicle
1 teaspoon of sugar or sweetener

Macerate the fruit, mix the ingredients into a shaker and serve with a tangerine/ lime popsicles.

You can also make green grape Caipirinha with Blackberry popsicle, passionfruit Caipirinha with pineapple popsicle, kiwi Caipirinha with strawberry popsicle.

This is a success in everywhere and impossible resist.

Have fun, try all combinations you like.

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