Brazilian famous food…

I will start this BLOG for a friend that works as a chef for a brazilian family and want some recipes to cook for his guests, make them happy with our amazing food from Brazil.

In Brazil we have different kind of food, depend where you are in this huge country you will try specials that you can’t find in other part of the world. I just notice it after travel and realized that our comun food is just comun here and people are curious that what we eat in Brazil??.? or what is our favourite dishes that we don’t have in other countries.?. Comun questions that I heard in my travels around.

Beans, rice, pasta, pastel, muqueca de peixe, breads, cakes, sweets and all kind of food that I love and I wanna make Paul, my chef friend, to try maybe to cook for his guests but also to learn and to enjoy this amazing brazilian food experience.

I will post some recipes here and also give some informations about where the food came from in Brazil, why they have it there and where is good to travel in Brazil, I know this is very important when you like some place and wanna go there but there is no idea if is really good or not.

We have influence from different countries, Brazil have a huge imigration story in past, to make this country grow fast and with population that bring your story and your culture to mix in Brazil, so I also will have it here.

Everything for you Mr. Paul!!!! Hope you can help me, let me know if you can understand this recipes and if is good the way I will translate it. Enjoy!!!!

Luana Lucchese

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